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About C & M Metals, Inc.


Our company has been in the same location for over half a century. It started out as a salvage company for military surplus equipment used in WWII. At that time it was operated by a family who rightly called it Follings & Sons recycling. As Industries grew so did the need for recycling. Follings & Sons specialized in servicing manufacturers' recycling needs by offering pickups of waste metal scraps. It was not until the year of 1962 that C & M Metals, Inc. would come to be with the introduction of a new partner, and a fresh new start.

It was in 1962 that the partnership would come eye to eye with the fact that recycling was not only beneficial for large manufacturing companies but for everyone and would open its doors to the public as well. People from all over Los Angeles would come to recycle steel, aluminum, and other metals. For a great many years C & M Metals, Inc. would recycle thousands of tons per month of steel from both private and public sectors.


Today we are a still doing many of the things our founders did many years ago except with an much deeper emphasis to our environment and on a much larger scale. Many of the processes that were so popular in the early years of metal recycling are no longer performed because of their environmentally unfriendly affects. It is likely that the recycling industry will continue to change and adapt in response to the global need to recycle more and waste less. One thing is for certain C & M Metals, Inc. will be making every effort to bring the most recent and advanced methods of metal recycling today in our effort to promote a "green," lifestyle in our planet.